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“Every child is an artist.
The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso





How a Creativity Coaching Program Can Help You

If you are a creative person, amateur or professional, a creativity coaching program with me,  provides a place where you can talk about your hopes, dreams and fears and be taken seriously and be understood. 

The creativity coaching program also gives you structure and focussed help on whatever creative projects you want to start or have already underway.

One major part of the coaching is to pinpoint and work through internal ‘road blocks’ as they come up. These may be things like confidence or fear, which aren’t  always easy to see for yourself. For example, you may repeatedly fail at your attempts at self-discipline, but this may be to do with anxiety rather than laziness! And anxiety is something that can be worked on.

Where appropriate we look at finding more balance in your life.

Finally, we can use the creativity coaching sessions to help you work through the many options for self-promotion and publicity and how to do them in a way that suits you.

How We Begin

We start with email contact. We then set up a creativity coaching program which suits your timetable. This will include regular meetings on Skype (or face to face if you live in London), for 50 minutes, usually once a week or fortnight. Between sessions you put into practise goals or tasks that we have agreed on and we exchange email updates.

The frequency of our meetings usually becomes less over time, but this depends on your wants and needs or the kind of project you need help with.

To recap:

  1. We look at where you want to go or what specifically you want to get done.
  2. We work out what inner issues may be holding you back, such as fear, anxiety, lack of self-esteem or lack of confidence.
  3. We create a plan, with milestones along the way, to get there. Sometimes this may ‘simply’ be to start a daily creative practice. It may also include tasks like: cognitive exercises to reduce anxiety, meditation practice, joining a group so that you aren’t so isolated, joining a course to give you new skills etc.
  4. Challenges and problems will inevitably occur. Your chosen direction or goal may change. Projects may morph or come together with other projects. Coaching is a place where you can explore all these possibilities and make the creative choices you feel are right.
  5. We look at other areas of your life which aren’t working or which are impacting on your creativity. We work there to find solutions.
  6. You become more committed to your creative work than ever before. We keep going.

To Get Started

Ring me on 078969 19141.
Email me at steve@realityshift.co.uk
Send me a message using my contact page.

For more general information about life coaching, see the Association for Coaching site. Or for deeper therapy, take a look at my counselling site.

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Stephen Davy

MBACP (Accred),
Dip Couns, Cert Coaching, MA (Oxon)

St Margaret's House
21 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
London E2 6PL

email: steve@realityshift.co.uk
call: (UK) 078 969 19141

Stephen can be found on the BACP Professional Standards Register

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Stephen is a member of BACP Coaching


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